Children's Wellness Program

Children's Wellness Program


Children’s Health sets them up for life in terms of their immune system, gut health, bone health, mental development and more. Children go through so much growth and learning yet as parent’s we often lack the knowledge around which foods are required to fuel this important time. Furthermore, food intolerances or adverse reactions can often be overlooked and symptoms are not often clearly linked to what they could be eating (or missing). Medically diagnosed conditions are often ‘managed’ with medications however diet is rarely discussed but has such a profound impact on long term health. Fussy eating behaviours are becoming more common and a lack in variety of foods significantly reduces the nutrient profile and often leads to insufficiencies of important micronutrients required for biochemical pathways in the body and brain.

Our Children’s Nutritionist Viv, will go through your child’s health and diet in detail, consider everything that is going on and search for the root cause of what may be causing physical or behavioural symptoms. Book an appointment with Viv to gain the right education and knowledge and work on ideas and strategies to achieve more nourishment in what your kids are consuming. Our approach is holistic and educational and we aim to inspire and empower you to make positive changes for your children and your family.

Nutritionist Viv is an expert in:

  • Starting solids and fussy eating
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Growth and developmental milestones
  • Digestive issues and gut health
  • Skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis
  • Behavioural conditions including ADHD

What you can expect in a children's consultation

A Children’s Nutrition consultation involves a detailed analysis of the child’s health through infancy and childhood. We will also discuss family history and maternal health at point of conception and pregnancy. We will go through diet, family eating habits, routines, digestion, learning and development and more to form a cohesive picture of what could be the underlying causes to symptoms and which things could be in excess or insufficiency.

Testing is often not a practical option for children, as drawing a blood sample can be quite tricky. Whilst in some cases we may consider urine, stool or saliva tests, most information is drawn from the information you as parents can give us, so the more info the better. We encourage you to keep a detailed diet diary for at least 3 days prior to the consultation, including all meals, snacks and beverages consumed and reflecting what your child/children is/are currently consuming. There is no judgement – we are all mums and are doing the best we can and know – so we do want the best reflection of reality as possible.

Nutritionist Viv will focus on finding what will work for your child, you and your family. Sometimes making dietary changes for children can be challenging and met with resistance, however with some persistence and trying different methods, strategies and recipes we aim to find something that will not only be accepted but enjoyed. It may involve a little trial and error  and nutting out different strategies, but we believe that even small changes can make a huge difference particularly in the diet of young, growing, developing individuals.

Who should attend the consultation?

Generally one or both parents attend the consultation. Babies and toddlers are of course always welcome and we have a kid friendly space complete with a toy box! We are supportive of both breast and formula feeding. 

For slightly older children, you may choose to bring them in or not. From the age of 2.5 roughly we generally recommend not to bring in your child as they can hear and understand and be made to feel uncomfortable by being the subject of conversation. If there are any physical symptoms such as rashes etc we request you bring in photos of these. If you have any pathology results or reports from other practitioners, these can be very helpful too.

Note: Children's appointments are available up to the age of 16 years old - 16 year and over please book an adult appointment

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