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Getting to know Freya

31 May 2019
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Getting to know Naturopath Freya

Q1. Can you tell us where your journey began as a practitioner?

From a very young age I was extremely interested in sports and athletics. You could not keep me still; I was a highly energetic child so this was certainly one way for my family to encourage me to burn off some energy! As a result, athletics became a big focus for me in my earlier years right through to high school and naturally sparked my interest into health and wellness. Combined with my first job at an organic whole foods café, it was destined to be. It took me many years to commit to this degree, but after living overseas and exploring the world I was finally ready to settle down and focus on my future, and have never looked back. 

Studying naturopathy was certainly the best decision I have ever made. I am continually grateful to have entered a career that is completely connected and aligned with my passions. For me, being a naturopath isn’t simply putting my naturopathic hat on when I arrive at work and taking it off when I get home. It is all encompassing and has fused into every aspect of my life.

Q2. What is your favourite thing about working at Luxton Clinic?

I began working at Luxton Clinic as a receptionist 3 years ago. It was my first job in the health and wellness space, and I am lucky to say this has developed into a practitioner role and I couldn’t be happier. I am continually in awe and inspired by the incredible team of women I work with, across all modalities.

Currently, 87% of people feel disconnected from meaningful work and this statistic is extremely alarming. However, I feel extremely fortunate to be one of the 13% who are engaged and connected to their jobs and career, on a daily basis.  

Q3. What inspires you each day as a practitioner?

I feel now, more than ever that people are looking for answers. The rates of chronic disease are rising at alarming rates and functional symptoms such as body aches, fatigue and GIT disturbances are often being dismissed. Naturopathic health care providers are fortunate enough to provide consultations that allow enough time and space to thoroughly investigate a patients history and current presenting symptoms to allow us to holistically analyse the core drivers of dysfunction. This inspires me, every single day. Providing a space where my patients feel welcome and cared for sits at the core of my naturopathic philosophy. 

Q4. What does your everyday menu look like?

I am extremely passionate about the food on my plate and always try to ensure my food is local, seasonal and organic where possible. 

5.30am – My morning filter coffee ritual – or if I’m giving coffee a break it will be a dandelion root tea or matcha


8am – Soft boiled eggs, sautéed kale + avocado or quinoa porridge + berries or breakfast tacos 

Snack – Crudites + hummus, nuts, smoothie, crackers + sardines plus multiple herbal teas 

Lunch –Usually a salad bowl of some sort – I throw together whatever is in the fridge + leftovers. It might look something like this: Cannellini beans, rocket, tomato, pesto, pinenuts, fetta, roast pumpkin and falafel.  In winter this might be a warming broth with protein and vegetables. 

Dinner – My obsession with cooking means no dinner is ever the same!

Some favourites include: Brussell sprout risotto, Coconut dahl, wholesome soups, whole baked fish and lamb shoulder. I always try to ensure vegetables are the hero’s of most meals:  Whole baked miso cauliflower, and roast cabbage stuffed with prune and apple are current favourites. 

Post dinner –More herbal tea, dark chocolate or a date+ nut butter

Q5. What is your favourite way to move your body?

No one day is ever the same for me, I exercise based on how I feel each day. If I need rest, I rest! In saying this, I do try to move my body daily in some way, shape or form to expel excess energy, or on the flipside, to enhance my energy and increase vigour!

At the moment I am loving the following and rotate throughout the week.  Reformer pilates, barre and HIT. If I can’t make it to the gym, I’ll go for a run to clear my head and connect with nature. I’ll also try to squeeze in a yin class if it’s been a particularly big week. 

Q6. Tell us three secret facts about you!

  • I am a huge nerd at heart
  • I have a cookbook and podcast obsession! At the moment I am loving the cookbook Neighbourhood – by Hetty Mckinnon for all of the plant based goodness and for podcasts I love The Rich Roll Podcast and Found my Fitness Podcast- where I am forever inspired and motivated to up level my life.
  • I still love sleepovers! In a time where we are all so busy, I feel extremely fortunate saying goodnight to my favourite people and feel so lucky waking up with them too, there is nothing better! 

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