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Getting to know Georgia

05 Mar 2020
Georgia Borowski Blog image

Getting to know Naturopath Georgia

Q1. Can you tell us where your journey began as a practitioner?

When i was younger i used to get tonsillitis all the time. My mum started taking me to see a Naturopath when i was about 15 and she helped me so much with herbs and nutrients that I was truly inspired by what was possible. She helped me in so many ways, I knew i wanted to help others in the same way. 

Q2. What inspires you each day as a practitioner?

The power of herbs and food as medicine! It is so incredible to watch the transformations that patients make when they commit to change. I am still blown away by the power of herbs and how quickly they can impact change. 

Q3. What would your ideal client look like? (things you love to treat)

Women trying to get their body ready for a healthy baby or young girls who are in need of some support and advice around new stage in their life.  I think transition times in womens lives are such crucial times when women need extra support and care. These times are really appealing to me as a Naturopath. I also love basic GIT support as I think this is really an area that Naturopathy can be extremely effective and support people in a big way. 

Q4. What does your everyday menu look like?

Breakfast is either a smoothie (banana, almonds, almond milk, raw cacao, spinach and kefir) or an omelette with spinach and goats cheese.  An oat latte or chai mid morning and lunch is usually salad, soup or an omelette if i haven’t had one in the morning, I also love sushi.  The afternoon is lots of snacking when the kids come home on veggies, olives, and kids dinner. Dinner is variable, I eat lots of stir fries, fish, soups, fried rice, pesto and love a good chicken soup.

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