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The Luxton Clinic Team

The Luxton Wellness Hub is home to a variety of qualified practitioners who apply an integrative and holistic approach to your wellness.

Jade 2
Jade Anstey
Senior Naturopath & Nutritionist

Balance is something we can all achieve…in mind, body and spirit”

Jade is a leading Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 15 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and is a professional member of Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). Jade’s passionate about individualised healthcare and helping clients understand how to create a ‘healthy’ balance, without compromising on the things they love.

Working closely with your health goals, Jade has a strong focus on supporting the body’s innate ability to find its equilibrium or ‘balance’.  She loves helping clients apply simple strategies to nourish, nurture and support their bodies. With a key focus on the gut and digestive system, Jade loves working with autoimmune conditions, stress and anxiety (gut-brain connection), thyroid conditions and blood sugar control. Jade believes the body has the ability to not only heal but also ultimately thrive in health.

Using evidence based natural medicine; Jade uses an integrated approach to health. She uses a range of pathology and functional medicine testing, together with Microbiome and DNA testing (our bodies own instruction manual) to ensure she is formulating the right treatment plan for you. She also utilises live blood analysis and bio-impedance analysis so you can visually see how your customised plan is improving your health on a cellular level.

Away from Luxton Clinic Jade has turned her love of herbal tea into a successful company, Balanced by Nature. Jade loves reading recipe books as though they were novels, chasing one (or all three) of her children around or proudly defending her title of “salad queen” amongst friends.

Freya 2-2
Freya Lawler
Naturopath, Nutritionist & Natural Fertility Educator

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Freya is a Naturopath and Nutritionist who holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and is a professional member of National Herbalists Association Australia (NHAA). She has also completed post graduate studies in Natural Fertility Education and is currently undertaking further professional development in genetics and DNA testing in the context of nutrition and our modern day lifestyles. Her approach as a practitioner is to offer clients a level of individualised, evidence driven care that is focused on guiding and assisting them to achieve optimal levels of health and wellbeing.

Freya has a special interest in reproductive health and hormonal balance across the lifespan, through applying a mix of naturopathic principles and scientific evidence to enhance the personal health of clients. She is especially intrigued by the interconnection between gut health, stress and autoimmunity and is inspired to improve cognitive and physical performance through gaining deeper understandings of nutrition, stress, the environment and their subsequent effects on health. 

Freya’s detective work often utilises pathology and functional medicine testing to identify core drivers of imbalance, and clarity surrounding the root causes of a patient’s symptoms. To personally assist her patients in achieving optimal health outcomes she integrates a range of tools including, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet therapy, exercise and movement advice, stress reduction techniques and strategies to optimise healthy sleep cycles.

In her spare time, Freya is extremely passionate and dedicated to further learning and education and embodies a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Sarah copy
Sarah Nankervis (nee. Stevens)
Clinic Founder, Senior Naturopath & Nutritionist

“The power of food is amazing...I love to teach my clients how to use food to nourish and revitalise.”

Sarah founded Luxton Clinic in 2011 and has been a practising Naturopath and a Nutritionist for over 14 years. Sarah has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, a post-graduate Nutritional Medicine qualification and is a registered Naturopath with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). Sarah is passionate about the mind body connection and treats the body as a whole addressing both physical and emotional wellbeing to achieve optimal health. Sarah’s approach is tailored to the individual using evidence based research and her love for whole food cooking. Sarah’s 14 years of experience has lead her to work predominantly in chronic disease support focusing her interest in cancer support, auto-immune diseases, the mind-gut connection and hormone health.

Sarah created Luxton Kitchen in 2016 to complement the clinic as a whole food cooking school to instil her love for cooking and healthy living. Teaching whole food cooking classes has created a full circle of services at Luxton for optimal wellbeing.

Chrissy 2
Christine Connell
Remedial Massage Therapist

"Your restorative space."

‘Creating your restorative space’ - This is Christine’s intention for you every time you are in the treatment room with her. 

Life is busy and Christine understands our everyday routines can leave us feeling pain, soreness and lethargy – both of the physical and emotional kind. Your treatment with Chrissy is intended to leave you feeling nourished, nurtured and balanced.

Before making her way into her career as a Massage Therapist, Christine started out in the retail systems, admin and tech world so she has experienced first hand what busy days, long work hours and sitting at a desk can do to the body (something we are all too familiar with!). Christine’s treatments help to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, decrease pain and relax the mind for an overall restorative result both physically and emotionally.

Christine is also extremely passionate about women’s health and fertility and how massage can play such an important role in this journey. Christine under went four years of IVF treatments herself and can empathise with clients on a fertility journey, understanding the struggle and stress that is placed on the mind and body. Christine has completed further studies in fertility massage, allowing her to support clients during their own fertility journey whether it be natural conception or assisted.

With nearly 10 years of experience, Christine endeavours to create an individual treatment process for each client to deliver a calming and healing experience. Her treatments incorporate techniques such as deep tissue massage, glass cupping, stretching and more for the ultimate massage treatment. You may also leave your massage treatment with some self-care homework or recommendations.

At Luxton Clinic, Christine specialises in: Remedial, Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage. Relaxation Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Abdominal Massage (fertility, women’s health, digestive).

Dr Nathalie Sebbag

"The body has an innate ability to heal itself."

Nathalie graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) in 2001. Nathalie's interest with the human body (how it moves, functions and heals) started from an early age. Osteopathy, with its holistic principles and philosophies on our body's innate capacity to heal itself, allowed for a new found understanding and appreciation that continues to grow. 

Nathalie has been fortunate enough to have studied and worked both interstate and overseas with leading Osteopaths, gaining priceless exposure to the fundamentals of Osteopathy, mainly in Biodynamic Osteopathy (Traditional Osteopathy) or Osteopathy in the Cranial Field. This treatment is a gentle yet profound holistic hands-on approach addressing primary cause and relieving symptoms as well as synchronising with your own body's ability to heal itself. 

As part of the whole health spectrum, Nathalie also loves experimenting in the kitchen, discovering new flavours and making healthy, tasty and exciting food options that are not overwhelming. Nathalie naturally enjoys sharing this love of food and whole body health with her patients. So luckily, Luxton Clinic has a fabulous kitchen out the back! 

Meg Sainsbury
Practise Manager

“Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food."

Jasmine Genau

Jasmine is one of the friendly receptionists who will warmly welcome you at the Luxton Clinic. Jasmine is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine.

Having experienced her own health issues from an early age, Jasmine is incredibly passionate about broadening her knowledge so she can help others achieve optimal health. Jasmine wholeheartedly believes that food is medicine and is a passionate advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Jasmine is particularly interested in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy nutrition, cultivating a positive relationship with food and gut health. Upon graduating, Jasmine sees herself practising in clinic, guiding patients to achieve their health goals.

In her spare time, you will find Jasmine cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, going for long walks along the beach and furthering her nutrition and health knowledge.

Kaitlin 4
Kaitlin Wapshott
Nutritionist & Natural Fertility Educator ( On Maternity Leave)

I believe in the power of prevention; a simplistic, whole food approach to eating and a lifestyle based around self-care will ultimately pave the way to good health!

Kaitlin holds a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine, is a certified Natural Fertility Educator and private yoga teacher. She is registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). Kaitlin has a special interest in fertility, hormonal imbalances and period health. She particularly loves to nourish women during the important life stages of preconception, pregnancy and post natal. Other health concerns that she can support with include chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, skin conditions like acne and eczema as well as gut disorders such as IBS/IBD. 
Kaitlin’s thorough, caring approach aims to find the underlying cause of her patient’s concerns. She does this by taking a thorough case history, applying the latest evidence-based nutritional research and uses functional medical testing and pathology to unveil the root cause of imbalance. Kaitlin always tailors her treatment to the individual and passionately utilises food as medicine principles, diet analysis, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle recommendations to provide a personal and achievable wellness plan for her patients.
In her spare time, Kaitlin can be found cuddling her labradoodle Maisie, travelling to lesser known destinations, practising yoga or baking healthy desserts!
Tahlia Holmes
Practise Manager (On Maternity Leave)

“Let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food.”

Tahlia is the Practise Manager of Luxton Clinic and has completed a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutrition and Psychology. Tahlia lives in Crodyon with her fiance and puppy Mack, but loves going home to the country where she grew up, where her parents have a beautiful garden and big veggie patch.

‘Growing up in the country we were always outside in the garden when I was little and this has made me very passionate about healthy living. When I go home to the country my Mum is always cooking with the freshest ingredients from the vegetable patch and there is nothing better. ’

Tahlia is one of the smiling faces you see when you walk into the clinic. As well as running the day to day business of the clinic, Tahlia uses her passion for photography, styling and design to express her creativity through the wellness hub marketing including the Luxton social media pages, website development and managing wellness events.

In her spare time, Tahlia is very much a home body but loves going for walks with Mack and spending time with her family.  

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