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Your fertility & pregnancy journey

06 Aug 2019
pregnancy post

By Freya Lawler, Naturopath/Nutritionist & Natural Fertility Educator

Healthy conception

“Knowing your signs of ovulation and timing your sex/intercourse with understanding of your cycle will give you an increased sense of empowerment and confidence in achieving your conscious conception.”

Seeking the support of a natural fertility educator can be extremely beneficial throughout this time, where you will be educated on fertility charting, ovulation signs, and optimising your cycle for conception.

Preconception work – why is this important?

‘Preconception care aims to optimise reproductive outcome before pregnancy is established.”

Preconception care explores health, lifestyle and environmental issues that may be affecting your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.  Benefits are seen in anyone hoping to conceive, with best results when undertaken by both prospective parents.

A woman’s eggs mature over 100 days and sperm take 72  days to form, during which time they are vulnerable to toxicity and nutrient deficiencies. Thus, practicing preconception care methods for 3 -6 months prior to conceiving will not only optimise personal health, but that of the egg, sperm and your future babies health. 

Factors that will be discussed for optimal fertility include: improving nutrition and diet, detoxification, treatment of any infection, avoidance of toxins and pollutants, treatment of health conditions and allergies, exercise and stress control, and timing techniques to utilise fresh, healthy sperm and eggs.

Preconception care will benefit:

  • Healthy, fertile people looking to optimise the best outcomes for themselves and their baby
  • People struggling with infertility – including problems with PCOS, endometriosis, ovulation disorders, problems with sperm parameters
  • People struggling with a history of miscarriages
  • People undertaking assisted reproductive technologies – IVF, ISCI, IUI

Naturopathic IVF support

A qualified fertility Naturopath’s role is to – “Minimise deficiencies & maximise nutritional status known to influence fertility & IVF outcomes.”

Embryo quality is one of the most significant factors affecting IVF success rates. Learn how to optimise your chances of IVF success through working one on one with a skilled practitioner to ensure you have the best chance at conception through enhancing your overall health and subsequently, the health of the egg and sperm.

Pregnancy support 

We recommend continuing to visit your Naturopath during your pregnancy, or  ART process  to become familiar with increased nutritional requirements and to treat any health issues as they arise along the way.

Common pregnancy complaints we can support:

  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Reflux
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Cramping
  • Fatigue

Great times to see your naturopath during your pregnancy

First trimester – To create a pregnancy plan and discuss diet and nutritional needs, exercise and relaxation requirements as well as self-help advice for prevention or treatment of common complaints, which may occur throughout the pregnancy

Second trimester – Reassess nutritional requirements, assess for deficiencies and increased need. Women may notice the following symptoms through this period:  weight gain, constipation, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, heartburn/reflux and urinary frequency or incontinence. With consistent naturopathic care – often these complaints can be avoided all together.

Third trimester – This period is a time of rapid growth and increased demands. The following symptoms may be experienced throughout this time: poor sleep, leg cramps, heartburn, back- ache and fluid retention.

This visit also allows your practitioner to create a birth plan with you to ensure you have all you need for a happy and healthy birth. This may include supplying a herbal tonic/nutrients aimed at preparing the uterus for labour. 

Post natal – This visit will focus on supporting energy levels and optimising nutrient levels post birth. This will ensure sufficient milk for breast feeding and post-natal healing. Natural solutions for milk supply and mastitis, low mood, fatigue, baby colic or eczema, feeding and sleeping can be covered during this visit.


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